August 16, 2013


Kheer cooked with Date palm jaggery ( kahjur ka gur)


1 tblsp raisins
1 cup basmati rice
3 green cardamoms
8 almonds (optional)
1 cup date palm jaggery grated
2 litres milk
1 tblsp sugar


  •  Clean and wash the rice. Remove excess water and let it dry for an hour. 
  •  Blanch the almonds and slice.  Wash the raisins.
  •   Boil milk.    Lower the flame and continue to boil stirring constantly for fifteen to twenty minutes.  
  •   Mix washed rice and continue to cook  till the rice is soft.    Mix sugar.
  • Let it simmer till the milk has reduced to half.   Add  jaggery and mix well.
  • Add  cardamoms, almond slices and raisins (if using) and stir well.    Serve cold.

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