November 20, 2015



 Sliced Bread 3

    Some Graded Cheese
    Sliced Onions 4-5
    Butter 2-3 tbsp
    Sliced Tomatoes 4-5
    Tomato Catchup for Serving
     Mayonnies sauce 2 tbsp
     Some Capsicum

     Some Chat Masala
Method  :-

  •    Take a Slice of Bread, apply some Butter then some Mayonnaise. Put it a side.
  •   Take another Slice of Bread, it will be our Bottom layer, apply some Butter, Chat Masala, Cheese, put Tomato slices and again some Chat Masala.
  •     Now put the previous layer of Bread on top of this, turn the side and apply some butter mayonnaise on it and on top of this put slice of Onion and Sprinkle some Chat Masala Capsicum.
  •    Take 3rd slice of Bread apply some Butter, Mayonnaise and Cheese and put on to the top second layer and gentally press it. 
  •    Make the Tawa ready for Roasting, put the Sandwich on Tawa, apply some Butter Roast untill it get's Golden Brown and Crispy. Turn the side and Roast it same as on other side.
  •      When it get's Golden Brown and Crispy take it out and turn the heat off.
  •       Divide it into two parts, and our Cheese Tawa Masala Sandwich is ready to serve.

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