May 27, 2013



2 Tbsp strawberry jelly
( You can make it from ready to make packets available for jelly)
3 tbsp chopped strawberry.
1-2 scoop strawberry Ice cream
2 tbsp whipped cream or 
1 scoop melted vanilla Ice cream
1 tbsp powdered sugar

For garnishing
 1 strawberry
2-3 strawberry slice
strawberry crush 2-3 tbsp
Wafer biscuit and silver balls

  •  In the glass, gently pour strawberry crush from top covering all the sides to give nice shade.
  • Now put strawberry jelly then strawberry Ice cream , on top add strawberry pieces.( chop it and keep it in sugar for some time)
  • Finally add melted vanilla Ice cream or whipped cream.
  • Garnish it with slice of strawberry, chocos, silver balls and wafer biscuit .
  • Serve chilled


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